Proposed Guidelines for Good Journalistic Practice

Freedom of Expression and the Media in Lebanon, IPJ/IPI Seminar, May 2001


These guidelines for a code of good journalistic practice are dedicated to journalists in Lebanon (and by extension the Arab World). They aim at ensuring that all those practicing journalism adhere to the highest ethical standards, professional competence and exemplary conduct in carrying out their duties.

A journalist should strive to maintain the highest professional standards by observing the following guidelines regarding sources, gifts/junkets/benefits, accuracy/fairness and freedom/privacy/relevance:

A. Sources:

B. Gifts/Junkets/Benefits:

C. Accuracy/Fairness:

D. Freedom/Privacy/Relevance:


  1. There should be no restrictions on who may practice journalism.
  2. There should be no legal requirement for membership in any journalists’ association or federation.
  3. Journalists should be tried under civil, not criminal, law.
  4. Lebanon should strive to pass into law a Freedom of Information Act.


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