Mission, Vision and Objectives

The Institute for Professional Journalists (IPJ), established at the Lebanese American University in 1998, aims at helping reporters, editors and managers in the various print, broadcast and online media improve their operational skills in English and Arabic and at familiarizing them with the latest developments in their respective specialty areas. IPJ also focuses on issues of media laws and ethics and freedom of the press in the Lebanese and Arab contexts.


IPJ hopes to become a magnet for journalism training in the Arab world by providing professional programs aimed at raising regional standards and turning Lebanon into a media hub.


IPJ offers a variety of programs such as workshops, seminars and conferences geared to familiarizing journalists with the tools of a computerized newsroom for writing and editing as well as capitalizing on information sources through the Internet. IPJ workshops range from tutorials on investigative, business, foreign, legal and environmental reporting to newsroom management and online journalism.

Instructors provide practical guidelines in an environment simulating a newsroom. Participants are also encouraged to take part in lively discussions and debates on issues affecting the media and their own roles in them.

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