Abu-Fadil Cautions Against Ethics Code Carved in Stone

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IPJ Director Abu-Fadil prepares to speak about ethics in Arab media at LCPS/KAS workshop in Beirut.

IPJ Director Magda Abu-Fadil cautioned against demands for a unified Arab media code of ethics, saying such a mechanism may be too restrictive and arbitrary.

In a keynote address to “The New Arab Media & Socio-Political Change in the Arab World” workshop organized by the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Abu-Fadil said voluntary self-regulation was best and more effective in the long run.

The speech entitled “Towards a Professional Code of Ethics to Regulate Arab Media?” (PDF) was delivered during a gathering that analyzed recent developments in Arab media, notably satellite television, and the effects of political events in Lebanon.

The two-day workshop’s sessions focused on the Arab satellite environment and the democratic process in the region, political programs, news and sensationalism, political talk shows, social programs, entertainment shows, print media, violations and ethics.

The event, held at the Rotana Hotel in Hazmieh, Lebanon, June 1–2, 2005, grouped international experts representing Lebanese, Arab and international media, academics and members of NGOs.

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